Casita Copan is a community organization in Honduras dedicated to preventing child abandonment.

Committed to FAmily

We support both children and their mothers so that families can stay together.

Grounded in communitY

We believe in building up our community and promoting cultural identity.

Creative & adaptable

We listen to the people we serve and we’re not afraid to change things or try something new.

Help us make a dream come true and purchase a permanent home.

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Casita is about Mothers

The life of a woman is difficult. The life of a woman in Honduras is even more so. The life of a woman who happens to be a mother in Copán Ruinas just might be indescribably hard. This May, we celebrate mothers and honor their strength and hard work.

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Daysi’s Mission Against Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is one of the top problems that women and girls face in Honduras. To help solve that, our program coordinator, Daysi is teaching children about gender-based violence, sexual assault and how to prevent it.

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