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Families have one thing in common.

They are all different.

Casita Copan is a nonprofit in Honduras that believes that all children deserve to grow up in a loving family. That’s not always an easy task, especially in rural Honduras. That’s why we work directly with children and single mothers to help strengthen the family unit through nutrition, education, health, shelter, emotional support, and loving care.

Casita is family.

Since 2012, our supporters from around the world have joined to create a family that looks just a little bit different.

We believe that family can look different for everyone. And different is good. It is so important for children to experience the bonds of biological families, and also to create their own bonds with trusted adults in their lives. Over the years, we have helped children find family members, reconnect with their communities, learn to trust themselves, and find a new family among friends and caregivers at Casita Copan.

family is sharing a meal

A donation of $50 will feed a child for 1 month.

family is finding out who you are

A donation of $100 provides 3 months of tutoring & classes

family is always there for you

A donation of $250 provides urgent medical care

family is where you belong

A donation of $500 supports children in our long-term care homes

Casita Copan is a nonprofit in Copan, Honduras dedicated to preventing child abandonment.

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Committed to FAmily

We support both children and their mothers so that families can stay together.

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Grounded in communitY

We believe in building up our community and promoting cultural identity.

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Creative & adaptable

We listen to the people we serve and we’re not afraid to change things or try something new.

Help us make a dream come true and purchase a permanent home.

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