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Battling against adversity

Casita Copán is a nonprofit in Honduras that provides holistic services to single mothers and their children. The women we serve earn an average of $6.50 per day, making it hard to care for the daily needs of their children. At Casita Copán, we are committed to standing alongside these mothers, providing childcare, healthy meals, medical assistance, educational support, as well as uplifting and empowering them. All year long.

12 years empowering single moms

For almost 12 years, Casita Copán has supported dozens of single mothers like Aura, through the different benefits offered at our Children’s Center. In the eight years Aura has had the support of Casita Copán, she has improved her living conditions and her children have hope for a bright and promising future. 

Help Casita support mothers like Aura and her children all year long by making a recurring gift.

Moms are grateful for the access to medical care

A donation of $50 will cover a medical emergency visit for one child

Moms are grateful for the empowering village

A donation of $100 will provide hygiene kits for a family of four

Moms are grateful for the children development support

A donation of $250 supplies one kid with daycare services

Moms are grateful for the educational support

A donation of $500 provides one year of tutoring and classes.

Casita mom's statistics

40% of our moms use the service of birth control we provide

80% of daycare moms have been visited in their homes

In 2023, we provided 33,600 meals for the children of the single mothers we serve

Join us in our mission to support and uplift these extraordinary women

We believe in fighting against adversity and assisting these women to cultivate a better and brighter future for themselves and their children.

They are courageous women who confront challenges everyday, like being overworked and underpaid, often without a strong support system. Despite their adversities, they rise each day, fighting not only for themselves, but for the well-being of their kids.

Here at Casita Copan, we are committed to stand alongside these mothers, providing not only essential support for their daily struggles but also empowering them to embark on a journey of self-improvement and healing.

Casita Copan is a nonprofit in Copan, Honduras dedicated to preventing child abandonment.

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Committed to FAmily

We support both children and their mothers so that families can stay together.

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Grounded in communitY

We believe in building up our community and promoting cultural identity.

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Creative & adaptable

We listen to the people we serve and we’re not afraid to change things or try something new.

Help us make a dream come true and purchase a permanent home.

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