Women's Programs

Supporting single moms

Motherhood is challenging and we believe that every mother deserves a helping hand.

Many women in Honduras face the daily risks of malnutrition, early pregnancy, illiteracy, domestic abuse, sexual violence, and chronic poverty. In a rural community without adequate support services, single mothers have nowhere to turn for resources, and this can lead to child abandonment. We believe it is vital to provide services that help women improve their own lives, through education, counseling, the development of practical skills, and more. Supporting mothers leads to healthier children and stronger families and can drastically reduce the rate of child abandonment.

Programs & Services

Affordable Child Care

For single mothers, maintaining a job can be difficult when you don’t have a safe place to keep your child during the day. Many mothers have no choice but to leave their young children at home alone or on the streets. If a woman has limited family support, staying home with a sick child could cause her to lose her job and her means of providing for her family. Casita Copan meets this vital need by providing affordable child care services to working mothers. Mothers pay a symbolic fee or volunteer their time at Casita to help support the program.

Literacy & Practical Skills

The overwhelming majority of the mothers we serve cannot read and write. Many have dreams of having their own businesses but don't have the skills to turn these dreams into reality. That's why Casita provides free classes and workshops to mothers based on their needs and interests. We have provided literacy classes, primary education classes and certification, cooking classes, and most recently a sewing program. We rotate these programs based on the schedules of our moms.

Family Counseling & Emergency Care

Life is unpredictable and a slight crisis can be catastrophic for an economically disadvantaged family. We are always here in the case of a health emergency or family crisis and maintain an “emergency fund” to help our families get through these difficult times. This could mean paying for medical expenses, accompanying women to medical visits, providing transportation, helping women find a new job, helping women look for safe apartments, or helping care for children during a family crisis. We have provided counseling to women facing addiction, domestic violence, unexpected pregnancy, challenging relationships, anger management issues, and other crises.

Moms Meetings

Casita moms and staff meet once or twice a month to share their thoughts and concerns and to discuss issues related to parenting, education, anger management, self esteem, nutrition, health, and much more. These meetings give mothers a chance to seek advice from their peers and to relax and unwind with other mothers who understand where they’re coming from.

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