Sponsor a Casita

Would you like to help guarantee a loving home for an orphaned or abandoned child? We are looking for individuals, organizations, churches, and businesses to help sponsor our Casitas, or family style homes for abandoned children. Sponsorship guarantees that all of our children will continue to have a safe and secure home throughout their lives so they can grow up into healthy, happy, and capable adults. Become a sponsor today and start changing lives.

Sponsorship Levels

Each Casita costs roughly $1,200 a month to operate. This includes food, rent, purified water, medicine, clothing, school fees and supplies, salary for our full-time Casita moms, weekly counseling with a psychologist, utilities, maintenance, and recreational costs. No matter what your budget, every little bit can add up to help our Casitas succeed.

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Casita Mom Spotlight: Zoila

Meet Zoila Rodriguez, veteran Casita Copan staff member and now a full-time Casita mom! Zoila grew up in a large family in the outskirts of Copán Ruinas where she learned at an early age how to care for children. When the opportunity came to head one of our new Casitas, she jumped at the chance. While Zoila has no kids of her own, she has a natural maternal instinct that makes everyone near her feel immediately comfortable. Zoila cares for five children in her Casita, cooking, cleaning, playing, helping with homework, and providing unconditional love and support every day. We couldn't be prouder to have her on our team, and the kids couldn't be happier to call her "mamá."

Why Sponsorship is Right for You


When you donate to Casita Copan, you can be sure that each dollar really counts. As a small organization with low overhead costs, your investment goes directly to the children served by our programs. Investing in family style care is the best way to ensure that all orphaned and abandoned children have access to opportunities for a better future.


Casita Copan is a growing organization with roots in Pittsburgh, PA and Copan Ruinas, Honduras and an international donor base. We will advertise your sponsorship on our Facebook page and our website, share the news of your generosity with our wide donor base, and can even display a plaque with your business or organization’s information on your sponsored Casita.

Tax Relief

Casita Copan is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization so your donation is tax deductible in the United States. If you are in Canada and would like a tax receipt, please contact us and we can instruct you how to make a donation that is eligible for tax deduction in Canada. Click here to contact us for more details.