Loving Care

At Casita Copán, every child is special and loved for who they are. We treat each child as an individual, with their own skills, interests, beliefs, and dreams. Our goal is to equip our children with the tools, information, and opportunities to explore and affirm their identity, take pride in their culture, heritage, and individuality, and to develop goals for the future. We also love to be silly and have fun, and our staff regularly plan celebrations, field trips, and adventures to share together just like a family.


Education is the key to self-sufficiency and provides the best hope of breaking the cycle of poverty. That’s why we provide school supplies and scholarships to our children. At Casita, we provide an educational environment designed to meet the needs of our different age groups. Our school-age children participate in daily tutoring, homework help, and values classes, and our younger children participate in fun, hands-on preschool activities. We also identify children who may have learning difficulties and provide extra, individualized support. All children learn valuable life skills, such as hygiene, conflict resolution, anger management, group interaction, and more.

Health & Nutrition

The health of our children is our top priority. At Casita, all children drink clean water, eat nutritious meals, practice proper hygiene, live in a sanitary environment, and have access to medical care. Our children enjoy a balanced diet of nutritious and varied food, drink clean water to reduce the risk of parasite infection, and receive a daily vitamin to keep their immune system strong. We are also adamant about teaching good hygiene habits such as bathing properly, hand-washing, teeth-brushing, hair care, nail care, and more. Another key to good health is exercise, and our kids receive plenty of time every day to run and play outside.

Medical Care

At Casita Copán, we provide basic first-aid and medical care. Sometimes, children need to see a doctor and we take care of this as well. We take our children immediately to the local clinic and cover the cost of the visit, any tests or procedures, and medicine prescribed. We are also committed to providing essential medicine to children and mothers with chronic medical conditions. We maintain an emergency fund to cover unexpected medical costs, such as hospital visits, medical tests, and sudden illnesses. This fund is available for all children and mothers who are a part of Casita Copán.

Family Support

We are not just a children’s center; we are a family center. We believe in supporting single mothers who are doing their best to raise families, often alone and facing extreme challenges. We are committed to helping mothers find the internal strength and the external resources that they need to care for their family. Single mothers with children enrolled at Casita Copán volunteer their time at the children’s center, participate in a literacy program, and attend monthly sessions focused on developing self-esteem and life-skills. These meetings focus on areas such as health education, parenting skills, money management, healthy relationships, and more.

Community Involvement

Children benefit from direct interaction with their community of origin. We believe that by providing constant opportunities for the children to participate in community activities, while also bringing volunteers from the community into the children’s center, we can form a lasting bond that makes the child feel that they truly “belong” somewhere. The more community connections a child makes, the more support he will have as he grows up. We are lucky to collaborate with local organizations such as UrbanPromise Honduras, Genesis School of the Arts, and Mayatan Bilingual School, and we also count on a number of committed volunteers who share their time and love with our children.