Youth Programs

Shaping young leaders

Without a high school education, children are at-risk for chronic poverty, exploitation, unemployment, and early pregnancy.

While most of our Casita Copán moms express a desire to see their children attend high school and receive a quality education, most are unable to afford it. Without support, many young people are forced to start working early to help their families and their dreams of higher education are lost. We have been preparing for this challenge as our Casita kids have been growing up. That is why we are excited that eight of our Casita kids are enrolled in school this year through our practicantes, or staff-in-training program.

Our Focus Areas

High School Education

The practicantes, or interns, work part-time at Casita Copán to earn a high school scholarship. This weekly scholarship helps them pay for transportation, food, and additional homework expenses. To keep their scholarship, each student must maintain good grades, fulfill their job responsibilities at Casita, and serve as a positive role model to the other children. We are grateful to members of the IPA Rotary Club who are currently supporting our students by sponsoring their tuition & fees, uniforms, and school supplies. You can help cover the additional costs of this program by signing up to be a monthly sponsor.

Real Job Experience

Through our staff-in-training program, youth gain real life job experience by working as teaching assistants, office assistants, and maintenance assistants. Our practicantes are now valuable members of our team and we depend on them to help the children with their homework, organize the classrooms, assist the teachers with their lessons, perform secretarial duties, run errands, use appropriate tools to assist with maintenance issues, and much more. Each week, the practicantes complete self-evaluations that they share during regular meetings with their supervisors and develop strategies to improve their performance.

Leadership Development

Practicantes are role models for the rest of the children at Casita Copán. During the regular course of their workday, they help children with simple tasks such as hand-washing and teeth-brushing, but they also help them resolve conflicts, tackle difficult homework, and cope with their emotions. Practicantes participate and often take the lead in community events to help raise money for Casita, and we depend on them to make these events a success. The rest of the children can’t wait until it’s their turn to be a practicante!

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