If you can't make it to Honduras, you can still be a vital part of our team!

Create a Fundraising Page

You can truly make a difference by launching your own fundraising campaign. Dedicate your birthday, hold a raffle, organize a bake sale, or get inspired with some of our campaign ideas.

Try some of these fundraising ideas:

Dedicate Your Birthday

Don’t know what to ask for this year? How about asking friends and family to make donations to Casita Copan in honor of your birthday.

Hold a Raffle

Ask a friend or local business to donate a cool prize. Then ask all your friends and family to buy a ticket and raffle it off!

Bake Sale

Who doesn't love a tasty snack? Get some friends to help you bake goodies and sell them at a school, church, or community event.

Host a Dinner Party

Show off your cooking chops (or ordering skills)! Host a dinner party and ask friends to bring donations instead of sides.

Check out these Honduran recipe ideas!

Book Sale

Have some old books lying around? Collect as many as you can and sell them at your next community event.

Grow a Beard

(Or shave one!)

Motivate your friends and family to donate by promising to grow a beard, shave a beard, cut your hair, or even shave your head if you meet your fundraising goal!

Garage Sale

Do some spring cleaning for good! Ask your neighbors to participate and turn your clutter into donations for the kids of Casita!

Partner with a Local Business

Ask a local restaurant or bar to help you hold a small event. Restaurants or bars may agree to donate a percentage of the proceeds to your campaign.

Car Wash

Take advantage of the warm weather and hold a neighborhood car wash. Enlist your family and friends to help and get ready for some fun!

Run a Marathon

Or a half marathon. Or a 5K. Many local races give runners the chance to choose their own cause to collect pledges for. This year, why not run for the kids of Casita Copan?

Swim for Change

Swim a long-distance in a pool, a lake or even the ocean, and find people to sponsor you for every 100 meters you swim.

Sponsor Silence

Get someone to sponsor a half-hour of silence. Yes, this means you can’t talk for as long as the sponsors buy your silence! Great to try with co-workers or at family gatherings!

Ready to get started?