Children's Center

A home away from home

For most moms, giving up a child is a last resort that can be prevented.

That’s why Casita Copán opened our children’s center – a home away from home – for the children of single moms who are trying to work themselves out of poverty. Before Casita Copán, there was was no daycare center and many working moms were faced with a difficult choice – leave their young children at home alone or on the streets, or stop working completely. This can make it nearly impossible for a single mom to work her way our of poverty. In some cases, it can also lead to child abandonment. Now, with the services provided by Casita Copán, moms have another choice.

Our Program Model

Loving Care






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Program Activities

Educational Classes & Homework Help

A strong education is one of the greatest tools you can give a child. At Casita, we strive to expose our children to new topics every day through daily classes in Reading, Science, English, Math, and Art. Our tutors work with the children one-on-one and in small groups to help with homework or support children who are struggling to keep up. We also place a strong focus on social and emotional learning and help children learn to communicate, to get along with others, to cope with their emotions, and to analyze situations and make smart decisions.

Health & Nutrition

We have seen first-hand the power of good nutrition. Our kids enjoy daily meals, snacks, vitamins and a steady supply of clean water. With their nutritional needs provided for, we have seen a drastic reduction in preventable illnesses and major improvements in attention span, energy, and academic achievement. We also place a major focus on hygiene, and our kids practice proper hand-washing, bathing, and dental hygiene techniques. At Casita, every child's medical needs are covered, whether that be care for a simple infection, medication for a chronic illness, or a surgery needed after an accident.

A Home Away from Home

Sometimes you just need a place to be yourself. That's Casita. A place where you can laugh, cry, learn, relax, be silly, and make friends that will last a lifetime. We place a strong emphasis on helping our children form positive relationships with their peers and the adults at our center. We do this through our regular daily routine, field trips, special community events, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, service projects, and more. For children who face significant challenges at school and at home, it is so important to have a place like Casita where they know they are respected, loved, and accepted for who they are.

Early Childhood Intervention

The first years of a child’s life are crucial for physical and mental development. When a child receives the nutrition, medical attention, and loving care that they need at an early age, they develop healthier immune systems, better communication abilities, and stronger reasoning skills. This early attention leads to a much greater chance of success in positive social and emotional development and academic achievement. Children in our Early Childhood program receive daily meals, age-appropriate classes, storytimes, guided and free play, and much more.

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