This spring, join us and #ChangeAWorld

What if, instead of trying to solve all the world's problems, we could change the world for one person - one child? This year we need to find sponsors for 30 of our 53 Casita Copan kids. When you choose to sponsor, you can guarantee that a special child in Honduras will grow up with the nutrition, education, medical care, and love that they need to achieve their dreams for a better future - in short, you are changing their world. You can support this campaign by creating your own fundraiser, signing up to become a sponsor, or making a donation to our Sponsorship Fund.

Create a Campaign

You can #ChangeAWorld by launching your own fundraising campaign. Dedicate your birthday, hold a raffle, organize a bake sale, or get inspired with some of our campaign ideas.

Sponsor a Child

Give monthly to make an even greater impact.

Learn more about child sponsorship here.

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Your support can change lives.

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