Foster Care Homes

All children deserve to grow up in a real home.

What is a Casita?

A Casita is a family style home for abandoned and orphaned children who cannot be reunited with their families. Each Casita is home to 4-5 children and a full-time Casita mom who dedicates herself to raising the children in her care with love and respect. We raise children in their communities of origin and always keep sibilings together so that children can develop strong cultural identities. All children that live in a Casita also attend our Children's Center where they have access to medical care, educational help, life-skills programming, and much more.

Core Program Values

Family Bonds

We create real families by placing small groups of children of varied ages and genders with permanent and loving caregivers so that true loving connections can grow.


A nutritional and culturally appropriate diet, access to medical and dental care, and a clean, hygienic environment are all essential to a child’s healthy development.


We are committed to providing all children with the tools and support they need to succeed in their education, from preschool to high school - maybe even university one day!


We believe in the importance of children growing up in their own cultures and communities and developing lifelong friendships with their caregivers and peers.


We are not just focused on right now, but on the future too. No matter what our Casita kids hope to achieve, we want them to have the support to make their dreams come true.

Why is our model important?


Children live in institutional care in Honduras

9 out of 10

"Orphans" worldwide have at least one living parent

Research since the


has shown that institutional care is detrimental to a child's health and development


Age range of children in our "Casitas" homes


Siblings kept together through our program


Year that the United Nations approved the "Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children" which promotes family based care