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CasitaCare (n.): health services and medical care for the children at Casita Copán to keep them healthy and out of harm’s way.


-medical insurance in case of accident or injury


-clean water

-nutritious meals

-proper hygiene


-prescription medications

-doctor visits


-emergency room visits

-specialist appointments

-medical tests

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Did You Know?

Copan Ruinas is a town without a hospital.

That means when we have a medical emergency, we must travel three to four hours, sometimes crossing international borders, in order to get our children the care they need.

children suffer from chronic malnutrition in Honduras.

We are on a mission to prevent malnutrition in our community.

There are no services for children with special needs in Copán.

Many of our children struggle with developmental disabilities and chronic conditions such as epilepsy and need specialized attention from physicians.