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When we started Casita Copán back in 2012, we made a promise to create a different kind of children’s home. A home focused on family support and the prevention of child abandonment. A home with a family-based model for children who could not be reunited with their families. A home that supported its staff, its children, and its mothers in a model of inclusivity, respect, and of course, love. We are holding to this promise every day. This year, we shared countless memories within our children’s home - our first trip to the beach, a brand new bed for every family, new births, graduations, and way too much birthday cake. And best of all, our family grew even bigger when we welcomed 13 beautiful children into our care, promising to raise them into adulthood. None of this could have been possible without the commitment of our amazing supporters. Thank you for staying with us for this amazing journey.

6,170 hours of loving care and support 1,300 educational classes & tutoring sessions 23,800 delicious and nutritious meals served
$1,802 spent on medicine and doctors’ visits 108 life-skills and literacy classes for single moms more than 78,000 tortillas made by hand!

Copán Ruinas, Honduras

Honduras has made quite a cameo in the news this year. In the past year, thousands of minors fled to the United States alone seeking an escape from violence and better opportunities.

A small town situated on the Guatemalan border, Copán Ruinas has seen its share of challenges this year. Tourism plummeted, sending some small businesses into bankruptcy. The cost of living has increased but wages are at a standstill, and unemployment rates remain high. For young people, this climate of instability is particularly harsh. Even those who finish high school are unable to find jobs where they can use their skills, and they are left either underemployed or unemployed. For those who can’t afford a high school education, the situation is even bleaker. Despite these hardships, hope remains constant in this laidback town. This year, a new airport will open, promising an increase in tourism and economic growth. Violence is now decreasing in Honduras for the first time in years. Casita Copán proudly provides full-time jobs to twelve local "Copanecos" and is committed to purchasing locally to help the economy of our community grow.

At Casita, we are dedicated to a child's full development. We learn, we play, we listen, we study, we eat, we share, we relax, we cry, we laugh (a lot), we give back, we chill out, and we discover new things everyday. Casita Copán is a place where everyone - kids, moms, staff, friends - feels like they truly belong.

On July 1, 2014, our long-time dream finally came true.

A Dream Come True

We had been waiting for the phone call for two years. When it came, it didn’t seem real and it took us a few days to accept what was really about to happen. The government had finally decided to shut down the local orphanage due to the dangerous living conditions, and they asked Casita Copán to adopt 13 children into its care. The decision was easy. We had known about the conditions at the orphanage for years. It was a big reason we created our organization in the first place. And now we had the chance to provide a quality home and a chance for a better future to 13 incredible children. It was a huge leap of faith - we had to double our staff and change the whole structure of the organization - but our supporters from around the world came together to bring this dream to fruition. The transition hasn’t been easy, but every day proves that it was all worth it. Each day we watch the children grow, change, learn, and develop into healthy and energetic young people bursting with personality. Sometimes moments come along in life when you can truly change lives. This was one of those moments and it would never have been possible without you. Thank you for believing in Casita Copán.

2014 - a year of real growth

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99% more hours of loving care

46% more children served

100% more staff on our team

99% more spent on programs

80% more monthly sponsors

Revenue 2014

This has been a year of real growth. We expanded our Children’s Center, added new services to our Women’s Programs and opened the doors to provide a Transitional Care Home to 13 abandoned children. Our incredible supporters made this happen, dedicating their dollars, hours, and energy to help our little organization grow. Through crowdfunding campaigns, sponsorship, events, and more, our donors made 2014 a truly unforgettable year.

Individual Donations

Child Sponsorship

Grant Funding

Business Donations

Local Donations

Special Events

Children's Center

All day loving care, healthy meals, educational support & tutoring, medical care, school supplies, counseling, recreational activites, and life-skills training for 45 children

Transitional Home

A transitional home for 13 abandoned children including caregivers, food, clothing, medical intervention, counseling, and access to all services provided at our Children’s Center

Women's Programs

A literacy and primary education program, life-skills workshops, training sessions with a psychologist on self-esteem, parenting, and violence prevention, and access to emergency health care.

Expenses 2014

Full Financial Report

Thank you for believing in our vision to help keep families together. The smiles we see everyday prove that it’s worth it.
None of this could be possible without the help of our committed supporters. You are truly changing lives. From all of us at Casita Copán, thank you. We hope you’ll stay with us to see what’s next.

Thank you for your support. We'll see you next year!

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